Dear Smuggler’s Cove Guests,
During this unprecedented time, we hope you and your families are doing well. 

The following measures have been taken to decrease health risks and make sure cleaning procedures are more rigorous:


  • Guests are to follow 6-foot social distancing.
  • The staff has undergone training and orientation on Covid-19 expectations.
  • Staff will be examined for illness, any signs of sickness, resulting in vacating of the property.
  • Common spaces and communal areas will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day, with a focus on; railings, doors, counters, desk bells, door handles, public bathrooms, locks, room keys, and public areas.


  • Guests rooms during the stay will not be provided with housekeeping services. These are provided upon departure. Staff will not enter the guestroom without adequate permissions, unless in case of emergency.
  • Guest room cleaning and disinfecting procedures will focus on touch prominent areas such as televisions remotes, toilet seats, door handles, water faucets, furniture, control panels, light switches, luggage racks, thermostats, clocks, and other household items that are desirable items to touch.
  • Towels, linens, sheets, and laundry will be washed based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. When possible, this will consist of the warmest water setting and be dried completely.
  • All rooms will be scanned with an Ultraviolet light at the end of the room cleaning by the housekeeper to ensure the highest standard and best practices have been met.

Call for questions and inquiries at (288) 251 – 2394, or visit us online at

The health and safety of our owners and guests is our number one priority.


The Smuggler’s Cove Management Team

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